Tools & Resources

The Answer to a Patient's Complexity

According to Pamela Vlahakis, the number one benefit we can create is a national database of resources to address the many complexities of each patient's journey.

Everyone Struggles to Be Better

The multidisciplinary team model of care is a great starting point to develop a process around patients accessing adequate psychosocial support services.

Knowing the Value of Social Support Services

Peg Rummel stresses the importance of social support services and the role they play in improving the patient's overall quality of life.

The Challenge of Connecting Patients with Psychosocial Support Services

Peg Rummel thinks that there are resources out there, but sometimes there are not enough or it's challenging to connect the patient to the ones that are available. As navigators, we need to provide education and reinforce that meeting these needs is an important part of their plan of care.

Increasing Community Based Providers

Jennifer Klemp discusses how the Affordable Care Act has tried to address social support but emphasizes the need for a greater pool of providers to provide that support.

Gaining Access to Care

Jennifer Klemp addresses the need to explain the insurance coverage available to them and how to secure those resources.

A Ways to Go with the Affordable Care Act

Jennifer Klemp shares a story about a patient experience with the Affordable Care Act.