Starting a Navigation Program

Katherine Sharpe, SVP ACS, discusses how the navigation program should work to find the best resources for patients.
Determining the goals and the tasks of individuals within the navigation team is essential in creating a successful program, explains Katherine Sharpe, SVP, ACS.
Katherine Sharpe, SVP ACS explains how to evaluate what makes an ideal navigation program.
Katherine Sharpe, SVP ACS, discusses how to establish and sustain a navigator program that is in the best interests of the patient and benefits the care system.
How to get the support you need. Crystal Dugger recommends ways to cultivate relationships with stakeholders that will result in better outcomes.
Crystal Dugger stresses the necessity of standardizing and quantifying the value of a navigation program to the institution.
What does it take to sustain a navigation program for years to come? Crystal Dugger lists the most important ones for long-term sustainability.
Video Library published on March 29, 2018 in Starting a Navigation Program
Elaine Sein addresses some of the challenges in developing a navigation program and offers some helpful tips on how to overcome these difficulties.
Video Library published on February 21, 2015 in Starting a Navigation Program
Danelle Johston provides some excellent, practical advice to people tasked with starting a navigation program.
Video Library published on January 9, 2015 in Starting a Navigation Program
Jennifer Klemp identifies the steps in creating a navigation process. Start with the basics and identify the gaps that need to be filled.
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