Best Practices in CAR T-Cell Therapy

The CAR T-Cell Therapy Journey: Supporting the Caregivers

Strategies to Support the Caregivers of Patients Receiving CAR T-Cell Therapy

Challenges in the CAR T-Cell Therapy Journey: Key Navigator Interventions

Minimizing Financial, Psychosocial, and Physical Challenges Faced by Patients

Selecting CAR T-Cell Therapy: A Shared Decision Between Patients and Clinicians

Facilitating Shared Decision-Making Involving Patients in the Complex Setting of Multiple Myeloma Management

CAR T-Cell Therapy: Important Pre- and Post-Infusion Patient Education

Educating Patients on What to Expect During Pre- and Post-Infusion Periods

How to Prepare the Patient for Infusion with CAR T-Cell Therapy

How the Nurse Navigator Prepares Patients and Their Caregivers for CAR T-Cell Infusion

Navigation Roles Throughout the Patient’s CAR T-Cell Treatment Journey

The Role of the Nurse Navigator in Guiding the Patient’s CAR T-cell Journey