Building Relationships in Delivering Genetic/Genomic Education (BRIDGE)


Mission Statement with Overarching Goal

The mission of the AONN+ BRIDGE Program is to use educational interventions to best connect oncology nurse and patient navigators to cancer genetics/genomics professionals, ensuring that patients have access to the most current emerging technologies that may directly impact the level of care received, as well as quality of life.

Vision Statement

Oncology nurse/patient navigators who participate in the BRIDGE Program will have a working knowledge of cancer genetics/genomics, enough to advocate for appropriate referrals to genetics professionals.

AONN+ Education for Cancer Genetics and Genomics

The BRIDGE initiative in Cancer Genetics and Genomics is in response to AONN+ membership–identified needs and the integral role that somatic and germline testing plays in the management of individuals across the cancer control continuum. This expanded role of oncology navigation requires enhanced knowledge and competency to meet the growing demands of incorporating personalized medicine into practice. The education will focus on the tenets of practice-centered situated learning theory and will demonstrate advanced competency in the following areas:
  • Recognize the role of genetic testing for common and rare cancer syndromes
  • Incorporate germline testing and management across the cancer control continuum: assessing cancer risk (primary and secondary), evidence-based cancer screening, cancer prevention, and treatment options
  • Apply the principles of next-generation sequencing to identify key drivers to treatment options and clinical trials
  • Utilize approaches to improve the process of identification, testing, management, and referral of individuals where genetic/genomic testing is appropriate
  • Examine the ethical and legal issues related to genetic testing and genetic counseling, and their implications for practice and research
  • Incorporate evidence-based practices to meet national accreditation standards and best practices
Thank you, Foundation Medicine and Oncocyte, for sponsoring this program.