Tools & Resources

Building a "Patient Roadmap"

Danielle Carnival discusses the Biden Cancer Initiative's plan for building a "Patient Roadmap," which would serve as a comprehensive, vetted list of resources for cancer patients and/or oncology navigators.

The Biden Cancer Initiative Fierce Awards

Danielle Carnival talks about the Fierce Awards, which aim to recognize the unsung heroes in the cancer community and introduce them to a wider audience.

Leveraging Technology as a Navigator

Linda Fleisher reflects on the many ways navigators use technology on a daily basis and suggests ways in which technology can further be utilized to help navigators better do their jobs and support their patients.

Standardized Metrics Are an Invaluable Tool

Jamie Harness values being able to use the AONN+ standardized metrics to quantify the work done by the navigators in her program.

AONN+ Is Advancing Navigation

Linda Burhansstipanov describes how her institution has leveraged some of the tools and resources developed by AONN+.

How Navigators Can Use Cancer Registry Data

Barbara Dearmon explains how to best utilize the data collected by the National Cancer Registrars Association.

Common Questions From New Navigators

Many first time navigators don't know where to begin and asserts that AONN+ has and is developing new tools to help.

My Favorite Resources

Gina Kuenstler values the resources provided on the AONN+ website.

AONN+ Provides Resource for Establishing Navigation Programs

In addition to visiting other institutions that have established navigation programs, Lillie explains that AONN+ is an excellent resource for establishing navigation programs.

Marketing Troubles for Nonaccredited Practices

Lillie discusses the disadvantages for institutions that are not Commission on Cancer accredited, including difficulties drawing newly diagnosed consumers and referring physicians to the practice.