Tools & Resources

Savvy Consumers Appreciate NCI Designation

Though it's no small task, Lillie explains that achieving the Commission on Cancer Accreditation is important and offers the benefit of becoming an NCI-designated cancer center. This is something savvy consumers are looking for when seeking cancer care.

Community Resources Abound

Lillie Shockney suggests that one of the best ways for navigators to access resources for their patients is by looking to options available in their community.

AONN+: An Asset for All Members of the Oncology Care Team

Lillie talks about the value that AONN+ brings to all stakeholders in healthcare. AONN+ can demonstrate the value of navigators (both short- and long-term) in their ability to recruit new patients through physician and community outreach.

The Importance of Cancer Programs Creating Strong Alliances with Support Services

Barbara Francks stresses the importance of creating active alliances with the support services that are available within the community.

Meeting Psychosocial Needs Becoming a Standard

According to Barbara Francks, what was once an underestimated issue among cancer patients, psychosocial needs are now being recognized and addressed.

Together We Can Serve Our Patient Population

As healthcare has become complex, where there used to be multiple resources and funding, there are gaps. As navigators, we need to reach out and get to know the local community.

Don't Just Check a Box - Develop a Process

Danelle Johnston discusses the challenges of meeting the psychosocial needs of patients with limited resources.

Community Partnerships Can Break Down Barriers

Time, transportation, finances, and child care are just a few of the barriers Danelle Johnston feels overwhelm patients. Utilizing the community and creating partnerships with them can help eliminate some of these barriers.

Expanding Your Reach to the Community

Lillie Shockney affirms the importance of building strong relationships with the community in an effort to connect with those resources that are available to both patients and their caregivers. There may be resources available that we don't even realize exist, so we need to expand our reach.

It's All in the Approach

How you pose a question greatly affects the response. Lillie provides advice on posing questions that identify what barriers are in the way of our patients receiving the resources they need.