Standardized Metrics

How AONN+ Metrics Complement CoC Standards

Barbara Dearmon feels that AONN+ standardized metrics will support CoC standards and help set a standard of care.

Why Standardized Metrics Matter to Patient Navigators

Linda Burhansstipanov expands upon why standardized metrics are important to patient navigators in ensuring consistency, measuring clinical outcomes, and demontrating ROI.

Standardized Metrics and ROI

Cheryl Bellomo describes the AONN+ metrics that deal with the business aspects of navigation programs and explains how they can be used to demonstrate sustainability and ROI.

Standardized Metrics and Clinical Outcomes

Cheryl Bellomo reviews the ways navigators can use the AONN+ standardized metrics to more accurately measure clinical outcomes.

Standardized Metrics and the Patient Experience

Cheryl Bellomo states that patient experience is emerging as a key method to measure navigation success and cites that AONN+ offers metrics to help navigators enhance patient experience.

Standardized Metrics Demonstrate Success

Cheryl Bellomo explains how standardized metrics will help navigation programs illustrate their success and better serve their patients.

Growing My Program with Standardized Metrics

Gina Kuenstler is excited to use the standardized metrics to help her grow her program.

Metrics Help Promote High-Quality Care

Watch conference attendee Morganna Freeman, DO, FACP, explain why standardized metrics are crucial for navigators and the healthcare team.

Showing Value Through Standardized Metrics

Danelle Johnston believes standardized metrics are invaluable to navigation as they help to define the role of the navigator and clarify return on investment, the patient experience, and clinical outcomes.

Standardized Metrics in Navigation

Vanessa Rodriguez explains why standardized metrics are important as they help define roles and responsibilities in navigation.