Standardized Metrics

Finding Champions

Crystal Dugger suggests why it might be challenging to get key people onboard and suggests how to change that.

Doing the Right Thing Yields Robust ROI

Crystal Dugger offers insight on the business philosophy of Sarah Cannon (HCA) and the elements of a successful program.

Know Your Worth

Crystal Dugger stresses the necessity of standardizing and quantifying the value of a navigation program to the institution.

Traits of a Sustainable Navigation Program

What does it take to sustain a navigation program for years to come? Crystal Dugger lists the most important ones for long-term sustainability.

Defining the Work We Do

Crystal Dugger offers an analysis of the main obstacles and the possible solutions to growing the professional field.

AONN+ Standardized Metrics and the Biden Cancer Initiative

Danielle Carnival recognizes that data standardization is a huge problem in cancer care, and notes that the AONN+ standardized navigation metrics are a giant step toward making progress in this area.

Standardized Navigation Metrics: Where to Start

Elaine Sein explains how navigators can begin implementing the AONN+ metrics into their own programs and suggests utilizing your QI team for help.

Aligning Metrics and Individual Program Goals

Linda Fleisher credits AONN+ for developing metrics to improve both process and clinical outcomes, as she believes it's important for all navigators to evaluate their programs to determine which metrics are most crucial for their specific needs.

Why Navigators Need Standardized Metrics

Elaine Sein stresses that standardized metrics illustrate the value and sustainability that navigators bring to the table and expand on how AONN+ created 35 evidence-based navigation-focused metrics.

AONN+ Metrics Complement the Oncology Care Model

Dr Edward Partridge explains how the AONN+ standardized navigation metrics align with the Oncology Care Model as well as where the differences lie.