Networking and Community

I Don't Know Why You Wouldn't Come!

Jennifer Bires encourages oncology navigators and social workers to come to an AONN+ conference to learn from colleagues, access the latest data, and hear from experts in the field.

We're All Navigating Patients

Jennifer Bires thinks it's important for clinical and nonclinical navigators, nurses, and social workers to get together at an AONN+ conference to work together to share ideas and help eliminate their patients' barriers to care.

Connecting with Peers in an Ever-Changing Profession

Tricia Eugenio believes it's important to connect with other navigators because the profession is still evolving and the definition of "navigation" keeps changing, so the more resources navigators have, the better they can do their jobs.

Looking for a Mentor and Looking to Learn

Lita Tsai paid her own way to come to the AONN+ Annual Conference in order to find a mentor in a seasoned navigator and learn new ways to help her patients.

Discovering Valuable Education and Connections at AONN+

Jessica Burgess loved the breakout sessions at the AONN+ Annual Conference, and Carolyn Allsen appreciated the camaraderie between the navigators.

The Beauty of AONN+ Collaborations

Tricia Strusowski finds the synergy between like-minded colleagues and the positive environment to be a very powerful aspects of AONN+.

Taking Navigation to the Next Level

Tricia Strusowski believes navigators need to work together to suuport the success of navigation programs and to further the role of the navigator.

A Navigator-Focused Experience

Amy Norton and Dawn Deacon love meeting fellow navigators from across the country and appreciate that AONN+ hosts events that are tailored specifically to oncology navigators.

Networking with Others Who "Get It"

Kamilah Konrad values that AONN+ brings together navigators from all across the country.

Connecting with Like-Minded Navigators

Rachel Forehand relishes the opportunity to connect with and learn from other navigators who are dealing with the specific cancer sites that she works with.