Networking and Community

What AONN+ Can Do for Social Workers

Social Workers are involved in so many different aspects of oncology care and AONN+ offers social workers opportunities to connect with oncology navigators in ways they ususally don't find elsewhere.

Not Just for Oncology Nurses: Inclusivity at AONN+ Conferences

Career Social Worker and AONN+ Leadership Council Member Elizabeth Franklin describes how much she appreciates the welcoming atmosphere at AONN+ conferences with their emphasis on inclusivity and multidisciplinarity.

Australia-Based Claire Kelly Shares How AONN+ Helps Her Become a Better Cancer Care Professional

Cancer Care Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Consultant Claire Kelly looks beyond the available resources in her country at the AONN+ Annual Conference.

AONN+ Lifts the Navigation Profession

Crystal Duggar leverages AONN+ conferences to gain valuable information and to meet and connect with new people who have the ability to help shape the field of navigation.

AONN+ Is a Collaborative Environment

Antoinette Solnik continues to return to AONN+ conferences yearly because she is given opportunities to share her knowledge with other navigators from all over the country.

Tackling the Problems We All Share

Jennifer Tepper and Cathy Spagnoli enjoy attending AONN+ conferences because they are provided with opportunities to discover what other navigators are doing and can then apply new tactics to make the patient experience better.

AONN+ Elevates the Role of the Navigator

Elaine Sein describes some of the many ways in which AONN+ brings substantial value to the role of the navigator.

New Conference Attendee Impressed by Depth and Breadth of AONN+

New AONN+ member Troy Bland came to his first conference to network and learn how to become a better nurse navigator. Hear what he had to say!

New to the Profession and Eager to Learn

Effat Bennett is new to AONN+ and new to her job as a nurse navigator. She is attending her first conference to learn more about the profession and to network with other navigators from around the country.

Meeting People Who Do What I Do

Karen Marr is excited to be a new AONN+ member because of the connections she is going to make with fellow navigators who can help her troubleshoot problems.