Membership Testimonials

AONN+: Extraordinary Networking

Nikki Delano's favorite thing about AONN+ conferences are the networking connections she makes and carries with her to help her better care for her patients.

The Heart and Soul of AONN+

Nikki Delano loves the passion and drive the navigators at AONN+ bring to the table to further patient care.

AONN+ Mirrors How I Care for My Patients

Discover how AONN+ has inspired and impacted Nikki Delano.

Navigators Can Have Many Titles

Vanessa Rodrigues describes the roles that navigators fill, identifying that navigators have many different job titles. She explains how AONN+ can help support novice and seasoned nurse navigators, patient navigators, and social workers.

How to Get Involved in AONN+

Lillie Shockney expands upon how to get the most out of AONN+ besides attending conferences and becoming a member.

Who Should Join AONN+?

AONN+ is not just for navigators! Discover why administrators, industry, and oncology care team members can benefit from joining AONN+.

AONN+ Has Great Member Benefits

What does AONN+ have to offer its members? Sharon Gentry outlines some of the most popular member benefits.

Join an AONN+ Local Navigator Network

Sharon Gentry discusses the benefits of joining or starting a Local Navigator Network, which is a great way to connect with other navigators and share experiences and best practices.

Discover AONN+ Membership Benefits

Lillie Shockney reviews the many benefits of becoming an AONN+ member, including resources to help you achieve your career goals, networking opportunities, educational materials and events, and more.

Defining the Role of the Navigator

Mandi Pratt-Chapman helps clarify the roles of the nurse navigator, patient navigator, and social worker, and how they all work together to further the needs to the patient and the institution.