Membership Testimonials

The Mission and Vision of AONN+ Impacts the Healthcare System

Michael Zincone cites that AONN+ is uniquely positioned to support and further the role of the navigator.

AONN+ Elevates the Voice of the Navigator

Michael Zincone asserts that AONN+ is the only organization that is dedicated specifically to the needs of the navigator.

The Evolution of AONN+

From his point of view as a member of the AONN+ Leadership Council, Michael Zincone looks at how AONN+ has grown since 2009 and how it helps support the navigation community's expanding role in the delivery of care.

How AONN+ Supports Patient Advocacy

Michael Zincone describes how AONN+ supports patient advocacy by providing navigators with the tools and resources to help navigators ensure better patient care.

You Are Not Alone!

Gina Kuenstler believes that figuring out processes and connecting with other navigators are valuable reasons to come to an AONN+ conference.

My Favorite Resources

Gina Kuenstler values the resources provided on the AONN+ website.

Navigating My Role

Rachel Forehand understands that the role of the navigator is complex, and AONN+ helps her with resources and education to better care for her patients

The Value of AONN+'s Resources

Rachel Forehand values the ability AONN+ provides her to learn from others.

Blazing the Trail Together

Nikki Delano enjoys the camaraderie she finds through AONN+ and appreciates being able to break new ground in navigation with her peers.

AONN+ Is My Road Map

Rachel Forehand looked to AONN+ when she felt lost as a new navigator.