Member Benefits

Each Year, We Learn New Things to Help Navigation Progress

Lisa LaPerriere values all of the resources that AONN+ provides, and appreciates the opportunity to participate and help AONN+ innovate in order to further the navigation profession and provide better patient care.

New AONN+ Initiatives

Lillie Shockney explains some of the new offerings AONN+ has developed in recent months based on the feedback of AONN+ members.

AONN+ and Nurse Practitioners: A Great Fit

As a nurse practitioner, Staci Oertle became involved with AONN+ through research and encourages fellow nurse practitioners to join AONN+ for help with research and survivorship, among other things.

AONN+ Elevates the Role of the Navigator

Elaine Sein describes some of the many ways in which AONN+ brings substantial value to the role of the navigator.

AONN+ Membership Benefits with Danelle Johnston

Watch Danelle Johnston provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits you’ll receive as an AONN+ member.

AONN+ Is an Invaluable Resource for Navigators

Carla Schaefer explains what AONN+ brings to the table that is different from other organizations and how it is uniquely positioned to serve navigators.

AONN+ Conference Is the Perfect Match for First-Time Attendee

Beth Burgess has been to other conferences but she describes the AONN+ conference as “dead on” when it comes to providing her with the information she needs to provide high-quality patient care.

Opportunities for AONN+ Members

Cheryl Bellomo explains how AONN+ members, whether they are new or seasoned navigators, can particpate in the association's many committees and connect with AONN+ leadership.

AONN+ Offers a Unique Certification

Cheryl Bellomo expands on why AONN+ certification is unique and how it can help navigators demonstrate their knowledge set and value to their administrators.

Something for Everyone

Staci Oertle reviews the many ways navigators can participate in AONN+.