Conference Testimonials

First Impressions of the AONN+ Conference

As a first-time attendee, Linda Penwarden explains what she has found most valuable at the AONN+ Annual Conference and what she will bring back to the navigators with whom she works.

The AONN+ Annual Conference Is a Valuable Learning Opportunity

Joan Okasako shares some specific pointers she picked up at the AONN+ Annual Conference.

The Speakers and the Attendees Are So Knowledgeable

Joan Okasako loves the education she received at the AONN+ Annual Conference and values the networking opportunities.

Together We Can Help Our Patients

Staci Oertle urges members of the cancer care team to attend AONN+ to help improve patient outcomes and to connect with others who are trying to do the same.

A Navigator-Focused Experience

Amy Norton and Dawn Deacon love meeting fellow navigators from across the country and appreciate that AONN+ hosts events that are tailored specifically to oncology navigators.

Many People Can Benefit from AONN+

Staci Oertle believes that AONN+ can serve the needs of nurse and patient navigators, nurse practitioners, managers, and administration.

What I Love About AONN+ Conferences

Dawn Deacon and Amy Norton review their favorite elements of the AONN+ Annual Conference.

Easy to Connect and Share

Staci Oertle loves how everyone in AONN+ is relatable and approachable.

AONN+: Not Only for Navigators

Nurse practitioners and new navigators are among the people Patricia Leighton believes would benefit from attending an AONN+ conference.

AONN+ Will Help Our Practice

Patricia Leighton describes how the AONN+ conference provided her with information she can use to help her team develop their distress screening tool.