Conference Testimonials

Australia-Based Claire Kelly Shares How AONN+ Helps Her Become a Better Cancer Care Professional

Cancer Care Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Consultant Claire Kelly looks beyond the available resources in her country at the AONN+ Annual Conference.

AONN+ Lifts the Navigation Profession

Crystal Duggar leverages AONN+ conferences to gain valuable information and to meet and connect with new people who have the ability to help shape the field of navigation.

AONN+ Is a Collaborative Environment

Antoinette Solnik continues to return to AONN+ conferences yearly because she is given opportunities to share her knowledge with other navigators from all over the country.

Supporting My Navigation Colleagues

Carrie Tilley feels that it's important for her, as an oncology nurse practitioner, to be involved in AONN+ and attend a conference because she works closely with nurse navigators and wants to learn how she can best support them.

Each Year, We Learn New Things to Help Navigation Progress

Lisa LaPerriere values all of the resources that AONN+ provides, and appreciates the opportunity to participate and help AONN+ innovate in order to further the navigation profession and provide better patient care.

Tackling the Problems We All Share

Jennifer Tepper and Cathy Spagnoli enjoy attending AONN+ conferences because they are provided with opportunities to discover what other navigators are doing and can then apply new tactics to make the patient experience better.

Part of Something Bigger Than Myself

As a social worker, Katie Narvarte looks to AONN+ to teach her more about topics outside of her area of expertise so that she can be a strong team member in the eyes of the navigators with whom she works.

AONN+ Helps Us Define Our Roles

As a physician, Dr Edward Partridge sees significant value in attending AONN+ conferences and believes they are beneficial for all members of the healthcare team as well.

Navigators Provide an Advantage to the Healthcare Team

Dr Edward Partridge explains why navigators are critical members of the healthcare team and why institutions should support their navigators by sending them to conferences like AONN+.

AONN+ Conference Is the Perfect Match for First-Time Attendee

Beth Burgess has been to other conferences but she describes the AONN+ conference as “dead on” when it comes to providing her with the information she needs to provide high-quality patient care.