Conference Testimonials

Gaining Insights to Take Home

Pam Clevenger, RN, talks about the value of attending the annual AONN+ conference including taking home information about the various aspects of patient care.

Understanding the Role of a Palliative Care Nurse Navigator

Amy Velasquez, OCN, talks about the implications of this growing care segment and how it can help patients.

Relevant Conference Topics and Applying Them in the Center

Maritza Chicas, RN, OCN, PCCN, talks about one of the annual conference presentations that covered the Commission on Cancer standards and how it was relevant to her center as they are trying to implement these standards.

The Value of the Annual Conference

As a newer nurse navigator, Margo Creevey, RN, BSN, MSN, AOCN talks about the valuable insights she has gained along with the networking opportunities the conference offers.

Networking with Peers, Implementing the Processes

Lisa Allison, BSN, RN, OCN, seeks out opportunities to talk with medical peers and bring back the educational elements she has learned back to her center and implement some of these processes. 

Reasons to Keep Coming Back

While having attended a few of the AONN+ conferences, Christi Sheffield says there are always things she learns every year that she can bring back to her center.

Learning Differing Perspectives to Patient Care

Cheryl Belman, RN, OCN, MSN, enjoys gaining insights into the different ways medical peers approach patient care.

Navigating, Networking, and Knowledge

Anna Heim and Deborah Schmitz discuss the many reasons why both AONN+ and the role of the navigator are vital in improving cancer care.

A Patients-First Approach to Cancer Care

Charlene "Gayle" Hawley discusses how the information she's learned through the AONN+ Annual Conference will help her put patients first and improve cancer care.

A Passion for Navigation

Lisa Morris shares her passion for being a nurse navigator and expands on how much she's gained from AONN+.