Conference Testimonials

AONN+ Helps Patient Navigators

Shawna Deems looks to AONN+ to help legitimize the role of the patient navigator through education and certification.

AONN+ Is a Springboard for Growth and Learning

Betty Hitch, a cancer survivor and oncology nurse navigator, came to the AONN+ Regional Meeting to grow her career and help her patients by honing her craft and meeting other navigators.

AONN+ Is Invaluable for Navigators

Cheryl Bellomo believes navigators need to promote their profession and show their value, and the AONN+ community gives them the tools to do so.

Solidifying the Importance of Patient Navigation

Rachel Broussard and Jerniece Rodrigue agree that navigators provide a different perspective to the cancer care team that can help patients overcome treatment barriers, and they also feel that AONN+ provides a great forum to accumulate knowledge and expand your network.

Learn From Your Peers at an AONN+ Conference

Holly Koc, Ashley Marks, and Lenore Hayes all met at the AONN+ Regional Meeting, where they had a chance to share their experiences in navigation.

Connecting with Peers at AONN+ Events

Connecting with other navigators is a huge perk of coming to an AONN+ conference, and Penny Daughtery gives an example of how it's affected her personally.

Come to an AONN+ Conference and Grow

If you're a novice or seasoned navigator, come to an AONN+ conference to help further promote the role of the navigator and improve your patients' quality of life.

Sharing and Connecting Through AONN+ Events

Jennifer Klemp feels that AONN+ meetings and conferences provide a great platform to share and network with other navgiators.

Network at the AONN+ Meetings

Mandi Pratt-Chapman encourages navigators to attend the AONN+ annual and regional meetings to meet and forge relationships with peers.

Supporting Patients Through Their Journeys

Nikki Damery, CTR, talks about implementing pilot navigation programs at her center as well as her personal experience as a caregiver to her husband during their cancer journey.