Town Hall & Panel Discussions

Advice for Using Standardized Metrics for ROI

The metrics panel provides an AONN+ member with suggestions on how to work within restrictive parameters to track patients and measure ROI.

Practical Advice for Implementing Metrics

Vicki Kennedy, Danelle Johnston, and Tricia Strusowski reflect on when and how to best begin implementing standardized metrics, suggesting it might be best to start small and to build relationships in order to build a tangible case to make about the value of the navigator.

Aligning AONN+ Navigation Metrics With Other Quality Measures

Vicki Kennedy, Danelle Johnston, and Tricia Strusowski understand that navigators are continually faced with different demands regarding what to measure, and they explain how to incorporate the AONN+ navigation metrics into existing processes.

Simple Value-Based Navigation Metrics

Tricia Strusowski identifies a few different examples of simple metrics that are also a part of value-based cancer care.

CoC and Survivorship Care Plans

Lillie Shockney explains how she and AONN+ are working towards encouraging the reevaluation of CoC standard 3.3 (on survivorship care plans) in order to measure compliance and success more accurately.

Standardized Metrics and Return on Investment

Tricia Strusowski, Danelle Johnston, Lillie Shockney, and Linda Burhansstipanov discuss the need for navigators to become more business savvy. They explain how the AONN+ standardized metrics will help navigators demonstrate ROI and help administrators identify how well processes are working.

Developing Tools To Measure Navigation Programs

Tricia Strusowski and Linda Burhansstipanov outline the goals of the Metrics Subcommittee and explain how achieving these goals will help to define what navigators do, track productivity, and measure the success of navigation programs.