Role of the Navigator

Financial Toxicity and Poverty

Rev Dr Jason Coker on the ethics of care in the marketplace.

Building Trust Into the Social Fabric

Rev Dr Jason Coker stresses the importance of relationship building as part of the work of bringing cancer care to economically straitened communities.

Economic Burden of Cancer Care

Rev Dr Jason Coker explains the way everyday expenses act as barriers to care among the rural poor.

Poverty and Survival in Cancer Care

Rev Dr Jason Coker analyzes the differences in treating and screening people who live in rural poverty.

The Navigator as Coach and Advocate

Frank dela Rama emphasizes the narrator's role as a counselor assisting patients in their decision-making during treatment.

How Do Navigators Help Patients with Side Effect Management?

Frank dela Rama on the role the navigator plays in helping patients through treatment and dealing with side effects.

The Role of the Navigator in Primary Care

As cancer care grows in complexity, oncology navigators are more needed than ever to help primary care physicians guide patients through their options, explains Frank dela Rama.

What Other Tools Are Available For Navigators and Patients?

Frank dela Rama considers other diagnostic and decision-making tools now available to navigators and patients to guide their care.

Tools for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Frank dela Rama explains the options available today, the limitations, and possibilities in the future for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.