Patient Advocacy/Empowerment

Taking Up the Fight for Cancer Patients' Access to Care

Oncology navigators see the effects drug policies have on patients firsthand, and AONN+ has been actively engaged in the debates surrounding prescription cancer drug access and pricing. Elizabeth Franklin discusses the need for AONN+ continue its work in patient advocacy and how it is as important now as it has ever been.

Amplifying Our Voice: Being Part of the National Conversation on Cancer

AONN+ Policy and Advocacy Chair Elizabeth Franklin explains why AONN+ has joined with national coalitions and why it will continue to add its voice to the policy conversation on healthcare, both for patients and for the profession of oncology navigation.

Protecting and Promoting the Navigation Profession and Our Patients

Career Social Worker and AONN+ Leadership Council Member Elizabeth Franklin discusses the motives behind the creation of the AONN+ Policy and Advocacy Committee and the impact that policies at every level have on patient care.

Nurse Navigators as Advocates for Change

Claire White speaks to the need for nurse navigators to continue helping to break down the economic and social barriers that prevent all people from having equal access to advanced treatments.

Barriers to CAR T-Cell Therapy

Nurse Navigator Claire White talks about the barriers that block novel treatments from reaching certain patients and the need for patient advocacy.

Helping Navigate the Cost of Treatment

Claire White addresses another aspect of care: helping patients gather resources to pay for their treatment.

Patients: Don't Go It Alone

Hear why Dr Morganna Freeman stresses the importance of bringing an extra set of ears to appointments.

The Second Set of Ears

Clara Lambert recommends bringing a "second set of ears" to appointments because people hear things differently and patients are often overwhelmed. A friend or partner can help focus the conversation.

Bring Your Strength

Lisa Simms Booth builds on Dr Jill Biden's message that everyone can bring their personal strengths to the fight against cancer.

The Time Is Now

Lisa Simms Booth on the urgent need to bring navigation to more patients.