Empowering the Patient Voice: Genomic Testing and Cancer Care Decisions

Video Library published on January 7, 2022 in Genetics & Genomics
Frank dela Rama, RN, MS, AOCNS
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sutter Palo Alto Foundation
Sara Campbell, BS, BSN, OCN
Associate Director
Medical Science Liaisons
Exact Sciences
Jim G.
Oncotype DX® Genomic Prostate Score Patient

In this roundtable discussion presented by AONN+ and supported by Exact Sciences, a panel of experts discuss the critical role of nurse navigators in educating cancer patients about genomic testing and how to interpret the results. Topics include:

  • Genomic versus genetic testing – What’s the difference?
  • Benefits of genomic testing across different cancer types
  • The role of nurse navigators in educating cancer patients about genomic testing

Presented by AONN+

Supported by  Exact Sciences

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