Financial Toxicity Impacts Treatment

Video Library published on January 10, 2019 in Financial Navigation, Financial Toxicity
Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Director of Financial Navigation
Clara Lambert describes the ways that treatment costs impact patient health and compliance.
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Explaining the Financial Advocacy Guidelines
Lori Schneider, Rifeta Kajdić Hodžić
Video Library published on September 19, 2023 in Financial Navigation
The Financial Advocacy Guidelines help financial advocates, financial navigators, administrators, and others identify solutions to financial barriers so that patients can access quality, equitable cancer care. They are the result of a collaboration among oncology organizations and foundations, and pharmaceutical partners. In this video, Lori Schneider, Oncology Operations Manager, Green Bay Oncology, and Rifeta Kajdić Hodžić, Oncology Education Program Manager, Association of Community Cancer Centers, discuss the benefits of the guidelines and the opportunities they open for the future.
Financial Toxicity: Equipping Navigators to Manage Financial Burdens Facing Oncology Patients
Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Webinars published on May 8, 2023
This educational offering will enrich the navigator’s understanding of the vast issue and impact of financial toxicity experienced by the patient with cancer. The webinar aims to equip oncology navigators with resources to manage patients who are experiencing financial toxicity. Navigators will also explore strategies to build a financial navigation program.
Financial Navigation Helps Address Financial Toxicity of Patients with Cancer
Mu Lin
AONN+ Blog published on June 15, 2022 in Financial Toxicity
Financial toxicity impacts treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients with cancer. Researchers say establishing sustainable oncology-designated financial navigation roles is imperative to expanding patient support and improving health and financial outcomes of patients.