Clinical Pearls

Improving Quality of Care and Saving Money

Dr Edward Partridge describes a number of areas in which he believes institutions can improve.

A Look at Patient Care Connect

Dr Edward Partridge breaks down the details of Patient Care Connect, assessing that it provides an extra layer of care for patients and helps the healthcare team work at their professional level.

Representing the Needs of the Patient

Sharon Gentry describes how navigators work with the cancer care team and advocate for their patients.

Dealing with Pushback from the Cancer Care Team

Sharon Gentry talks about how to manage pushback from the cancer care team, including how to communicate with the patient and how to potentially overcome barriers to care.

Sharing Patient Goals with the Cancer Care Team

Navigators recognize that their patients' life goals are important, and it's up to them to communicate their patients' needs to the health care team.

A Personal Devotion to Patient-Centered Care

Sharon Gentry shares a personal anecdote about how she helped a woman get the treatment she needed, and how that woman has become an advocate for navigators.

When Patients' Wishes Don't Match Recommended Treatment

Vanessa Rodriguez assesses what to do when the patient's desires don't align with the recommended treatment.

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Penny Daughtery explains how complimentary and alternative medicine are hugely beneficial to patients.

What's Exciting About Immunotherapy

Jennifer Klemp talks about recent developments in immunotherapy and why the future is promising for patients undergoing immunotherapy.