Membership Testimonials


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The Benefits of AONN+ Membership: An RN Navigator's Perspective

Stacie Helm
RN navigator Stacie Helm explains how the network of other navigators and resources provided by AONN+ membership give her the confidence and ability to adapt new methods into her own practice.

AONN+ Provides Hawaii-Based Christene Gavino the Patient Navigator Resources She Needs

Christene Gavino
Christene Gavino attended her first AONN+ conference in 2019, coming all the way from Honolulu. In her hometown, Christene has limited patient navigator resources, but being an AONN+ member allows her to network at conferences, connect with other navigators virtually, and utilize new tools and resources she can use to support her patients.

Gianetta Norwood Shares How AONN+ Helped Her Become a Better Nurse Navigator

Gianetta Norwood, MSN, APN, FP-C, AOCNP, ONN-CG
When AONN+ member Gianetta Norwood first stepped into her role as a nurse navigator, she had difficulties finding resources specifically for navigators. Gianetta became an AONN+ member because it provided her the foundation to better explain what she does in her role, the resources she needed to support her patients, and connected her with other nurse navigators.

AONN+ Helps Cancer Services Administrator Irene Guterman Manage the Rapidly Changing Dynamics of Cancer Care

Irene Guterman, MS, RN, CNL, CYT
As the Vice President of Cancer Services at her organization, Irene Guterman is faced with the challenge of managing the rapidly changing dynamics of cancer care. Being an AONN+ member allows her to attend conferences specifically for nurse navigators and connect with others in her field who are facing the same barriers.

Michele Hubert-Fiscus Shares How AONN+ Metrics Helped Build Her Navigator Program

Michele M. Hubert Fiscus, MSN, RN
As an administrator, Michele Hubert-Fiscus has used the tools and metrics provided by AONN+ to build a quality care program for her cancer team.

The AONN+ Leaders Are My Heroes

Holly Soucy, RN
Holly Soucy looks up to the AONN+ leadership and loves the resources that AONN+ provides to help her do her job better.

New to the Profession and Eager to Learn

Effat Bennett, BSN
Effat Bennett is new to AONN+ and new to her job as a nurse navigator. She is attending her first conference to learn more about the profession and to network with other navigators from around the country.

AONN+ Supports Navigators, Their Patients, and Their Caregivers

Cathy Mikkelson
Cathy Mikkelson has gained valuable information from AONN+ on what she needs to do and where she needs to go to better serve her patients.

Meeting People Who Do What I Do

Karen Marr, RN, MSN
Karen Marr is excited to be a new AONN+ member because of the connections she is going to make with fellow navigators who can help her troubleshoot problems.