Networking and Community

The Networking Event of the Year!

AONN+ conferences are a prime opportunity for oncology navigators, administrators, and social workers to connect, exchange ideas, and make long-lasting professional relationships.

Come Grow with Us! Our Tenth Anniversary Conference Offers More Than Ever Before!

Cheryl Bellomo, MSN, RN, HON-ONN-CG, OCN
Oncology Nurse Navigator Cheryl Bellomo shares what makes AONN+ conferences so rewarding.

Get Engaged! Get Involved!

Danelle Johnston, MSN, RN, HON-ONN, OCN,Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS
AONN+ Standardized Metrics Subcommittee Chairs/Members Danelle Johnston and Tricia Strusowski encourage members to get involved in national committee work as well as local navigator networks (LNN). These methods of engagement with peers are among the best opportunities to get involved.

The Metrics Team Measures Up: Reporting on the AONN+ Metrics Subcommittee and Navigation Tools

Danelle Johnston, MSN, RN, HON-ONN, OCN,Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS
Co-Chairs Danelle Johnston and Tricia Strusowski describe some of the work that the AONN+ Metrics Subcommittee does in creating new tools for oncology navigators to use in their work. Ms Strusowski describes the outreach efforts of the subcommittee, including their version of TED Talks and plans to collaborate with other subcommittees of the Academy. Ms Johnston speaks more broadly to the work of all the subcommittees and encourages members to become involved.

Taking the First Step: Starting a Local Navigator Network

Sharon S. Gentry, MSN, RN, HON-ONN-CG, AOCN, CBCN
Wondering how to get that first local navigator network meeting off the ground? Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry offers tips and insight on starting a local navigator network. Capitalize on the "ripple effect" she advises, by taking advantage of the tools and resources at your disposal through AONN+.

Recognizing Our Accomplishments: LNN Programming Highlights

Sharon S. Gentry, MSN, RN, HON-ONN-CG, AOCN, CBCN
Local Navigator Networks have initiated many successful programs and events, including What Would Lillie Do?, in response to the needs of their members. The local groups are well positioned to bring their members the information they and their patients are most interested in, with financial toxicity being especially in demand recently, says Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry.

Growing Our Local Navigator Networks

Sharon S. Gentry, MSN, RN, HON-ONN-CG, AOCN, CBCN
One of the most exciting aspects of AONN+ is the growth in our Local Navigator Networks. Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry discusses how these local networks encourage cooperation, utilize shared resources, and help navigators work smarter.

Looking Back on 10 Years of AONN+: Building New Bridges

Sharon S. Gentry, MSN, RN, HON-ONN-CG, AOCN, CBCN
Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry shares memories of building the organization from the beginning and the supportive network of oncology navigators that has developed over the years.

Amplifying Our Voice: Being Part of the National Conversation on Cancer

Elizabeth Franklin, PhD, MSW
AONN+ Policy and Advocacy Chair Elizabeth Franklin explains why AONN+ has joined with national coalitions and why it will continue to add its voice to the policy conversation on healthcare, both for patients and for the profession of oncology navigation.

Protecting and Promoting the Navigation Profession and Our Patients

Elizabeth Franklin, PhD, MSW
Career Social Worker and AONN+ Leadership Council Member Elizabeth Franklin discusses the motives behind the creation of the AONN+ Policy and Advocacy Committee and the impact that policies at every level have on patient care.