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Video Library published on May 19, 2023 in Member Benefits
Welcome to AONN+! Watch these videos to learn more about how to get the most out of your AONN+ membership.
Oncology Nurse Navigator Cheryl Bellomo shares what makes AONN+ conferences so rewarding.
Oncology Nurse Navigator Peg Rummel reflects on the growth of the first 10 years of AONN+ and the experience of meeting and working with others as a result of participating in AONN+.
Wondering how to get that first local navigator network meeting off the ground? Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry offers tips and insight on starting a local navigator network. Capitalize on the "ripple effect" she advises, by taking advantage of the tools and resources at your disposal through AONN+.
Local Navigator Networks have initiated many successful programs and events, including What Would Lillie Do?, in response to the needs of their members. The local groups are well positioned to bring their members the information they and their patients are most interested in, with financial toxicity being especially in demand recently, says Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry.
One of the most exciting aspects of AONN+ is the growth in our Local Navigator Networks. Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry discusses how these local networks encourage cooperation, utilize shared resources, and help navigators work smarter.
Nurse Navigator Sharon Gentry shares memories of building the organization from the beginning and the supportive network of oncology navigators that has developed over the years.
Social Workers are involved in so many different aspects of oncology care and AONN+ offers social workers opportunities to connect with oncology navigators in ways they ususally don't find elsewhere.
Career Social Worker and AONN+ Leadership Council Member Elizabeth Franklin describes how much she appreciates the welcoming atmosphere at AONN+ conferences with their emphasis on inclusivity and multidisciplinarity.
Video Library published on August 1, 2018 in Member Benefits, Membership Testimonials
Holly Soucy looks up to the AONN+ leadership and loves the resources that AONN+ provides to help her do her job better.
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