Navigation & Survivorship News

Insights into Navigation: The Need for Research Regarding Long Term Cancer Survivorship

The need for research regarding long term cancer survivorship: For decades pediatric oncology professionals have followed their patients long term.

Plus Pointers: New Patient Navigation Track at AONN+ Annual Meeting!

A special one-day track for nonclinically licensed oncology patient navigators is being offered at the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) Sixth Annual Navigation and Survivorship Conference in Atlanta on October 1-4, 2015.

Members Memo: Benefits for Best Practices

In the last e-newsletter, you met Mandi Pratt-Chapman who oversees a nationally recognized training center leading the development of navigation and survivorship programs at the George Washington University Cancer Institute.

Insights into Navigation: Case Managers vs Nurse Navigators

Case managers vs nurse navigators:  more and more insurance companies are hiring nurses as case managers. some actually refer to them as nurse navigators however. There tasks and functions are not quite the same as a nurse navigator who is involved with the actual care delivery process of a cancer patient.

Members Memo: 2-20-2015

This is a continuation of the last article that featured leadership council members as a membership benefit. Meet more leadership council members for you to share best practices, use as clinical resources and improve care for your patients.

Plus Pointers: Transitioning Through the Cancer Care Continuum

Patient navigators support the smooth transition of patients across the cancer care continuum. By educating, assessing and working with patients, navigators can identify potential barriers at each stage of cancer care, including screening, diagnosis, active treatment, survivorship and/or end-of-life care.

Members Memo: 01-09-2015

As the organization has grown, so too have our members' needs. Educational webinars have been held, the bimonthly e-newsletter Navigation and Survivorship News has been launched, and both regional and national meetings have been organized.

Plus Pointers: Patient Navigation Program Development and Evaluation

Patient navigators may be asked to contribute to the program evaluation process. Evaluation data are necessary to inform program development and implementation.

Insights into Navigation: Billing for Transitioning of Care

There are people on Capital Hill who beat the drums loudly for us!

Plus Pointers: Cancer Patient Self-Advocacy

While patient navigators often serve as patient advocates on the health care team, encouraging patients to advocate for themselves is of equal importance.