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Members Memo: Distress Screening

Distress screening is a common topic among navigators and financial distress is a common theme. Each program has resources to manage this stress for patients, but it usually helps with transportation, medication, or medical equipment costs.

In The News: Oncology Navigation Certification

Compared with other healthcare professions, patient navigation is still a relatively new discipline. Thus, significant confusion remains regarding the role, scope of practice, and ideal training and credentials for patient navigators.

Plus Pointers: Free Online Training for Patient Navigators

In May 2015, The George Washington University Cancer Institute launched free competency-based training for nonclinically licensed patient navigators.

Insights into Navigation: Hippocratic oath—Do No Harm

Oncology care has gotten so complicated and sophisticated in the last decade or so that we only talk about treatment and what is the next drug available for treatment and what line of therapy will the patient next be receiving.

Members Memo: A Personalized AONN+ Conference

Have you looked over the AONN+ conference agenda? There is lots of information with a variety of topics and many opportunities to network among peers.

Community: There are only 19 days left until the Sixth Annual Conference!

There are only 19 days left until the Sixth Annual Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) Conference!

In The News: Cast your vote today for the 2015 Hero of Hope™ Patient Award!

After a difficult process, we have selected your four nominees for the 2015 Hero of Hope™ Patient Award! Now it’s your turn.

Plus Pointers: Patient-Centered Communication

Patient-centered communication is effective communication that considers the information needs of patients and is sensitive to socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Insights into Navigation: Financial navigators

Gone are the days that health insurance covers all of the expenses associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment. Though screening tests remain free without a deductible or co-payment, once someone has a suspicious finding, there will be out of pocket expenses to be incurred by the patient.

Members Memo: 6-19-2015

It was a delight to visit the North Texas AONN+ chapter in May to see how well they are doing and to rejuvenate with the excitement of peer to peer support. If the enthusiasm and energy from the conversations throughout the room could be bottled, fatigue would be cured!