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Plus Pointers: Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important because they help to study new ways to treat, diagnose, and prevent cancer, as well as manage symptoms and side effects from cancer treatment.

Insights into Navigation: Preventing Cancer

I fantasize that one day my granddaughter, who just turned 7, will be the generation that will find “cancer” listed in the chapter entitled “cured diseases.” Is that possible? I hope so.

Members Memo: Upstate South Carolina Chapter

The AONN+ upstate chapter was formed after a discussion at the AONN+ national meeting on developing a local chapter. Kirsten Beeker was extremely enthusiastic and the main driver of the chapter development.

Plus Pointers: Healthy Coping and Self-Care

Working with patients dealing with challenging medical conditions can be meaningful for many healthcare professionals. It can also lead to frustration and burnout.

Insights into Navigation: Explaining to cancer patients and their families why there isn’t yet a cure

During as well as after national oncology conferences, the media releases information to consumers that tantalizes their interest in staying up to watch the late night news.

Members Memo: North Texas Regional State Chapter

Each AONN+ chapter leader was asked to share best practices of their chapter with the AONN+ membership. Remember, there are no standard templates for the chapters.

Insights into Navigation: Insurance Coverage

100% coverage for screening tests, but what happens when something suspicious is found?

Members Memo: 2015 AONN+ Conference News

It was exciting to hear from the existing chapters across the United States at the annual conference this year. After listening to everyone share their ideas and meeting themes from the past year, one thought came to mind: “If you have seen one AONN+ chapter, you have only seen only one AONN+ chapter.”

Plus Pointers: Patient Rights

In 1997, President Clinton established the Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry to report on changes in the healthcare system and recommend ways to improve.

In the News for October 8, 2015

The oncology specialist shortage – As the number of individuals diagnosed with cancer grows, and survives, the number of oncology specialists is dwindling.