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Survivorship Pathway

  • Amy McClary
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Survivorship Pathway was created by Amy McClary

Posted 1 month 1 week ago #184
Would anyone be willing to share their pathway of when patients get referred to survivorship and how often they are seen? Do you patients alternate visits with their medical oncologist and survivorship?

by Amy McClary

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  • Jason King
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Replied by Jason King on topic Survivorship Pathway

Posted 1 month 6 days ago #189

I am the nurse manager at the Center for Integrative Oncology & Survivorship at the Prisma's Health Cancer Institute in Greenville, SC. I am happy to connect with you to discuss in detail. I can be reached at 

Our survivorship program is over ten years old, and we have many different services lines and pathways to our services. We have worked with our IT department to automate referrals to us (our EMR is EPIC) when certain therapy plans are initiated on patients. We try to see most patients at least by cycle two of treatment for what is called an Integrative Oncology Survivorship visit. This is where we meet with them, assess their needs, share what services we have available to them onsite or by referral. Patients can come as many times as they need to see us, but typically we only see them once, or twice for this visit. Often, we plug them into resources, support, or other visits within our department. 

We also have what are called our LifeTime Clinics (LTC). We have general LTC, GYN LTC, AYA LTC, and High-Risk Breast LTC (for those without a cancer dx). Typically, patients are referred to our LifeTime Clinics 2-5 years after treatment. It just depends on staging, treatment, etc. We want to be the patient's oncology home. 

Again, more than happy to make a connection and jump on a Teams call to discuss further and share information. Just let me know! 

Jason K.
by Jason King

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