Conference Planning Committee



Clara Lambert, OPN-CG
Director of Financial Navigation,

Kristina Rua, MSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

The mission of the Conference Planning Committee is to provide relevant and high-value conference agendas and speakers that will enhance and develop members’ professional growth and development.


  • Developed agenda for 2019 Midyear and Annual conferences
  • Provided 2 preconference sessions at Midyear Conference; 4 preconference sessions at Annual Conference
  • Had the highest attendance for a Midyear Conference
  • Had record-breaking attendance of more than 1000 attendees with uniformly excellent evaluations
  • Wrote standard operating procedures for contacting speakers and outlining committee members’ responsibilities
  • Established goals and objectives for all sessions
  • Changed format of conferences based on feedback from members


  • Initiate all topic submissions in an official, standardized online format via the AONN+ website
  • Incorporate conference domains to foster certification and identify target audiences for each session
  • Identify and integrate performance improvement emphasis
  • Recruit new committee members
  • Develop mentorship and format for committee leadership succession
  • Provide educational sessions that are inclusive of all AONN+ members
  • Utilize conference evaluations as conference essentials for future sessions
  • Collaborate with the other AONN+ committees

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