Novice Navigators

Ryan Soisson, MA Phil, MA HR, offers advice to oncology navigators who have colleagues that have difficulty understanding their role.
Linda Burhansstipanov gives new navigators some direction, suggesting that they begin by learning how to do outreach, how to handle confidentiality, and how to educate their patients.
Many first time navigators don't know where to begin and asserts that AONN+ has and is developing new tools to help.
AONN+ Blog published on November 10, 2011 in Novice Navigators
If you've recently become a nurse navigator specializing in an area of oncology, you are among a growing number of nurses who have zeroed in on a new specialty, helping your patient travel along a pathway that can be riddled with confusing information, a myriad of decisions to be made regarding treatment, and other significant decision making along the way. It's rewarding when it works well. It can be frustrating for everyone when it doesn't.

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