Central Indiana Local Navigator Network

Local Navigator Networks published on April 13, 2023

Mission: The mission of the Central Indiana Navigator Network of AONN+ is to enhance the professional development of oncology navigators in cancer care and survivorship and advance the role of patient navigation through collaborative networking, professional development, and promotion of evidence based practice.

Vision: The vision of the Central Indiana Navigator Network of AONN+ is to build partnership, advocacy and collaboration between patients and oncology disciplines to meet local disparities and reduce barriers to care resulting in better customer experiences and outcomes through and beyond cancer treatment for patients and their loved ones.


  • To create best practice strategies for the identification and removal of barriers to cancer care, to improve patient adherence to treatment, improve communication between patients and healthcare providers, and to streamline care.
  • To improve communication and collaboration with oncology navigators within Central Indiana by sharing strengths and opportunities for improvement in navigation and survivorship programs
  • To promote clinical and psychosocial professional development and education of oncology navigators
  • To collaborate and network with community professionals, organizations and industries for the advancement of the navigation profession and for the improvement of patient care.

Membership Requirements:

  • Each licensed member will be in good standing with their licensing board
  • Members will include: nurses, social workers, lay navigators, mental health providers, and anyone in a position that is navigating oncology patients during their journey.
  • National membership is preferred
  • No dues
  • Monthly chapter meetings
  • Business meeting at least biannually

Navigator Network Requirements:

  • At minimum 4 membership meetings per year, one being a business meeting
  • Submit meeting minutes to AONN+ quarterly and Annual Navigator Network Report annually (by January 31 each year)
  • Maintain a roster of at least 50% chapter members as AONN+ members, preferred
  • Send at least 1 chapter member to the AONN+ Annual Conference
  • Send at least 1 chapter member to the Annual Navigator Network Leadership Workshop held at the AONN+ Annual Conference