Presenting National Benchmarks to Administrators

What Would Lillie Do? published on September 16, 2019

Name: MB
Position: Nurse Navigator
Subject: SCP Treatment Summary

Should the entire genetic consultation report, with positive and/or negative results, be included in the survivorship care plan? What is the standard followed by most institutions?

Only the actual results are needed—whether the patient tested positive or negative and for what gene mutations.

Name: Brenda
Position: Nurse Navigator
Subject: National Benchmarks

I track mammography and CORE biopsy wait times for a breast cancer center. Administration is asking for more recent benchmark data than what I have sent them (regarding screening to diagnostic mammogram and diagnostic mammogram to biopsy). I sent them several “national benchmark numbers” I had from 2017; however, they want “more recent data.” Are there any numbers newer than the 2017 NQMBC screening to diagnostic = 6.5 days and diagnostic to biopsy = 6 days?

No, there is nothing newer. Usually it takes 3-4 years to get published data, so having 2017 stats is really sooner than it usually would be! Rather than people focusing on comparisons, they should, for this measure, consider asking a patient focus group how long is reasonable to wait to get diagnostics done, then a biopsy done. At Johns Hopkins, our survivor volunteer team, The Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Survivors’ Volunteer Team, was our focus group. They said they wanted diagnostics done the same day, if possible; if not, then within 2 business days. Biopsy within 2 business days.

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