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It has been a productive 2023 for AONN+’s active Local Navigation Networks (LNNs). Through these gatherings, members benefit from the sharing of resources—whether they are local, statewide, or supported by the pharmaceutical industry.
As the navigation profession grows in numbers and value, so do our Local Navigation Networks (LNNs). In this month’s Member’s Memo, AONN+ Program Director Sharon Gentry shares how 2 of our LNNs have adapted to better accommodate members’ needs and announces the launch of 3 new LNNs!
The phrase “go it alone” is often used when someone decides to do something by themselves, without help from others. Sharon sees a different spin on this phrase and, in this month’s Members Memo, discusses how it can also be an ode to the independence and resilience of our Local Navigation Networks.
LNNs have been consistently growing since their inception in 2013. In 2023, there are 35 national, international, and virtual LNN groups. Sharon’s latest Members’ Memo welcomes the 6 newly formed LNNs (5 new, 1 consolidation) and shares tips, tricks, and best practices for maximizing engagement as reported from existing LNN leaders.
No matter what stage of your career you’re in, you should always be on the lookout for professional development opportunities. Said opportunities won’t just fall into your lap—you have to pursue them. Think of exploring professional development opportunities like peeling an onion. When approaching professional development in this way, you are able to take the necessary time to slowly peel each layer back at a comfortable pace. The more layers you peel, the more involved you’ll be. Read on for a step-by-step approach.
Lindsey Coleman and Kathleen Serfass accepted Middle Tennessee’s award honoring the active role their local navigation network plays in advancing the role of patient, nurse, and/or social work navigation. In this article, we’re breaking down the tactics Middle Tennessee uses to facilitate communication and education among their navigation community so others can duplicate their efforts.
AONN+’s Local Navigation Networks (LNNs) tackled the industry’s hottest topics and trends. Sharon Gentry shares LNNs’ biggest takeaways and lessons learned as related to navigational challenges due to the lack of oncology coverage, the impact and appropriateness of genetic testing, and the difference between a mediocre and phenomenal career.
AONN+ has been making a concerted effort to develop a local and regional network of navigators to facilitate communication and education among peers and to improve patient outcomes and survivorship.
Well-designed membership surveys helped Local Navigator Network (LNN) leaders in Arizona and Maryland/District of Columbia make important decisions on meeting arrangements and other topics of interest.
Nominate your LNN for the AONN+ Outstanding Local Navigator Network Award!
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