Policy and Advocacy Committee Application

We invite you to take an active role in our evergrowing organization by becoming a part of the Policy and Advocacy Committee. Here is a quick summary of this exciting commitment:
Time Commitment
  • Approximately one 60-minute conference call every 1-2 months
  • Ad hoc time necessary to complete tasks as assigned by the committee
Our Multidisciplinary Team for the Policy and Advocacy Committee
  • Clinical Navigator
  • Patient Navigator
  • Administrator
  • Social Worker

Now recruiting a Co-Chair for the Policy and Advocacy Committee!

Chair, Policy
Policy and Advocacy Committee
Academy of Nurse and Patient Navigators
  • Provide leadership for the committee
  • Facilitate communication with and on behalf of the committee
  • Serve as spokesperson within the organization for the committee
  • Provide research as necessary for the committee
  • Set goals for the committee
  • Take minutes during committee meetings
  • Assume responsibility for policy activities including reviewing and making recommendations to committee and leadership on policy actions
  • Make arrangements for meetings and notify members
  • Call meetings to order
  • Prepare agenda for meetings
  • Involve all members of the committee in decision-making
  • Report work of committee to AONN+
  • Keep track of committee work
  • Review and make recommendations regarding potential committee member applications
Time Required
Approximately 4-6 hours per month and as needed on projects

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