Abstract Review Committee



Christina Laird, MBA
Regional Site Director
Cancer Institute/Nuvance Health

A Message to the Committee's Former Co-Chairs

AONN+ would like to thank Nicole Centers and Linda Bily for their leadership as the former co-chairs of the Abstract Review Committee. Creating a quality forum for authors to share their research and best practices is no small feat, and Nicole and Linda have contributed to this goal with excellence. They have made AONN+ history by leading this initiative in a formalized process to promote best practices across navigation!

The mission of the Abstract Review Committee is to objectively review AONN+ member abstracts and provide feedback for revision, with the greater goal of building momentum and evidence around navigation.


  • Facilitated a webinar on how to grade abstracts prior to “Call for Abstracts”
  • Paired all reviewers into mentor/mentee partnerships for abstract and poster reviews
  • Created “Late-Breaking Abstracts” criteria and submission process
  • Introduced separate rubric for poster winner criteria
  • All abstracts that are rejected were reviewed and rescored by the committee chairs
  • 89 abstracts submitted; 11 were “late-breaking”


  • Increase abstract submissions to 100+
  • Maintain a robust committee of reviewers, including adding more patient navigators to the committee
  • Continue to encourage poster authors to submit an article for publication
  • Develop tips and tools to share with poster authors post-conference to help them expand the poster into a journal article

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