Patient Advocacy/Empowerment

The Time Is Now

Lisa Simms Booth, BA
Lisa Simms Booth on the urgent need to bring navigation to more patients.

What We Learned at the Summit and Next Steps

Lisa Simms Booth, BA
Lisa Simms Booth reflects on the crucial work of the Biden Cancer Summit and how the next steps might take shape.

Listening to Cancer - What Do Patients, Caregivers, and Professionals Need Most?

Lisa Simms Booth, BA
Lisa Simms Booth lays out the priorities of the Biden Cancer Initiative.

Patient Advocacy: Pay It Forward

Yelak Biru, MSc
Yelak Biru stresses the importance of paying it forward and sharing your knowledge with others in regard to patient advocacy.

What Discussions Should Patients Have with Caregivers and Healthcare Providers Before Beginning Treatment?

Yelak Biru, MSc
Yelak Biru believes that a cancer diagnosis affects a person's entire family and support network, and notes that there are various ways for patients with cancer to involve and inform their families about their treatment.

The Benefit of Connecting with Advocacy Groups

Yelak Biru, MSc
Yelak Biru describes how patients can benefit from becoming involved in patient advocacy.

The Road to Becoming a Patient Advocate

Yelak Biru, MSc
Yelak Biru provides some direction for people who are interested in becoming a patient advocate.

What Is a Patient Advocate?

Yelak Biru, MSc
Yelak Biru explains the role of the patient advocate and what inspired him to become one.

The Importance of Asking Questions

Carla Schaefer, BSN, RN, OCN
Carla Schaefer believes it's very important for patients to ask questions of their health care team throughout treatment and explains how to handle situations in which patients don't want to know much about their diagnosis or treatment.

How AONN+ Supports Patient Advocacy

Michael Zincone describes how AONN+ supports patient advocacy by providing navigators with the tools and resources to help navigators ensure better patient care.