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Breast Cancer Patients’ Perception of Their Body Image

For patients with breast cancer who need surgery, we should encourage them to think this way—“when you look down, don’t see that your breast is gone; see instead that the cancer is gone.”

Financial Navigation Helps Address Financial Toxicity of Patients with Cancer

Financial toxicity impacts treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients with cancer. Researchers say establishing sustainable oncology-designated financial navigation roles is imperative to expanding patient support and improving health and financial outcomes of patients.

Compassion Starts with You

As a burnout coach and from my own experience, I have found practicing self-love and self-compassion is an effective tool for improving personal resiliency that can help increase a navigator’s compassion for patients.

The Power of Compassion

I spent 9 years to find my way to become a patient navigator, hoping to provide for other patients the same depth of compassion that I experienced.

Compassion: The Keen Awareness of the Interdependence of All Things

As oncology navigators, we have all mastered the art of being compassionate when caring for the patients and their families. Now it’s time to practice using that skill set on ourselves.

Takeaways from Episode 21 of the Heart and Soul of Oncology Navigation Podcast: Leadership for Navigation

Oncology navigation program directors share their insights on developing sustainable oncology navigation programs that provide values to healthcare administrators, patients, and providers.

What Does It Mean to “Focus on You”: Tips on Self-Care

Facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, oncology nurse navigators need to take care of themselves so that they are better able to care for the patients.

Social Determinants of Breast Cancer for Young Survivors

Adolescent and young adult survivors of breast cancer may face many of the same challenges as other cancer survivors, but some concerns, such as childcare and infertility, are especially salient for them.

Expanding Patient Navigation Beyond the United States

As a Latina and a minority woman, I always feel welcomed, included, and validated by AONN+, and I appreciate how AONN+ helps with my vision to expand patient navigation in Central and South America.

“Be a Little Like Lillie”: The Story of Lillie Bear

In addition to being soft and huggable, a Lillie bear helps with recovery after a breast cancer surgery and honors a name well-known in the cancer field.