Support Through Survivorship

Rosie Kelly
Survivorship begins at diagnosis. This National Cancer Survivors Month, learn how you can better support your patients through survivorship and ensure they are meeting their personal care goals.

Join the AONN+ Survivorship Committee!

Jason King, RN, BSN, OCN
AONN+ Survivorship Committee Co-Chair, Jason Morrow, shares some valuable information about the mission of the committee, the work involved, and the educational resources they generate.

What Other Tools Are Available For Navigators and Patients?

Frank dela Rama, RN, MS, AOCNS
Frank dela Rama considers other diagnostic and decision-making tools now available to navigators and patients to guide their care.

What to Know About Sexual and Gender Minority Prostate Cancer Survivorship

Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA, PhD, HON-OPN-CG
This training webinar addresses the topic of prostate cancer survivorship among sexual and gender minorities, and how to provide appropriate care for this population.

A Look at the AONN+ Survivorship Committee

Staci Oertle, RN, MSN, APN, AOCNP
Staci Oertle provides an overview of the goals of the AONN+ Survivorship Committee and how the committee is working to achieve them.

Anxiety and Survivorship

Staci Oertle, RN, MSN, APN, AOCNP
Staci Oertle explains how navigators can help ease some of the anxiety patients feels once they've completed treatment and move into survivorship.

Transitioning from Treatment to Survivorship

Staci Oertle, RN, MSN, APN, AOCNP
Staci Oertle reviews some of the challenges in helping patients transition from treatment to survivorship and explains how navigators can help overcome these issues.

Developing a Survivorship Care Plan

Staci Oertle, RN, MSN, APN, AOCNP
Staci Oertle describes some of the challenges in developing a survivorship care plan and suggests that it's helpful for navigators to know which members of the healthcare team can help them put together a care plan.

Improving Quality of Care and Saving Money

Edward Partridge, MD
Dr Edward Partridge describes a number of areas in which he believes institutions can improve.

Patient Concerns and Survivorship

Carla Schaefer, BSN, RN, OCN
Carla Schaefer notes that patients often have as many concerns post-treatment as they do during treatment, and she explains how she helps alleviate their anxiety as they move into survivorship.