Financial Navigation

Explaining the Financial Advocacy Guidelines

Lori Schneider,Rifeta Kajdić Hodžić
The Financial Advocacy Guidelines help financial advocates, financial navigators, administrators, and others identify solutions to financial barriers so that patients can access quality, equitable cancer care. They are the result of a collaboration among oncology organizations and foundations, and pharmaceutical partners. In this video, Lori Schneider, Oncology Operations Manager, Green Bay Oncology, and Rifeta Kajdić Hodžić, Oncology Education Program Manager, Association of Community Cancer Centers, discuss the benefits of the guidelines and the opportunities they open for the future.

Options for Patients with Cancer Appealing Insurance Decisions

Monica Fawzy Bryant, Esq, COO,Joanna Fawzy Morales, Esq, CEO
If a cancer patient's insurance company declines coverage of a specific treatment or drug, the denial can be appealed internally or it can be taken to an external medical review.

Health Insurance Options for Patients with Cancer

Monica Fawzy Bryant, Esq, COO
Monica Fawzy Morales, Esq. shares health insurance options for patients with cancer who do not have employer-sponsored insurance.

Navigation and Value Based Cancer Care

Katherine Sharpe, MTS
Katherine Sharpe, SVP ACS, explains how oncology navigation helps to remove barriers to care and improves patient outcomes.

Role of the Financial Navigator

Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Clara Lambert explains the areas addressed by the financial navigator and walks through the role of the financial navigator in addressing the patient's financial burden relative to their care.

What Financial Navigators Like About the Job

Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Clara Lambert on the most rewarding aspects of patient relationships.

Meeting the Challenges of Financial Navigation

Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Clara Lambert on the challenges navigators face when trying to provide services for patients in a complex bureaucracy.

The Best Times to Meet with Your Patient

Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
When to meet with your patient to help them steer through the financial process.

What Resources Are Available to Start a Financial Navigation Program

Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Clara Lambert lists some resources currently available to implement a financial navigation program.

What to Do If Your Facility Doesn't Have a Financial Navigator

Clara Lambert, CPH, BBA, OPN-CG
Clara Lambert suggests 2 sources for patient financial assistance in the absence of a financial navigation program.