Digital Health Information: Media Coverage and Impact on Patients

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Date Available: June 16, 2021

In collaboration with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, join us for this upcoming webinar on Digital health information: Media coverage and impact on patients.

In this increasingly digital age, the ability for people to distinguish credible health information from misinformation is more important than ever. Healthcare professionals benefit from understanding the challenges their patients face in finding, assessing and using online health information and learning about tools and resources to improve their patients’ health literacy and empower them to make informed medical decisions.

During this healthcare provider webinar, Sue Friedman, DVM, Executive Director of FORCE, will cover:

  • The definition of health literacy and digital health literacy
  • How health literacy affects patients' understanding of health information
  • How using plain language helps patients understand health information
  • How social determinants of health, culture, and personal beliefs may influence how patients interpret health information
  • How media coverage affects patients’ understanding of cancer and medical decision-making
  • Tips and resources for communicating with patients about health media reports

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